Tree Trimming Springfield IL

When you need to trim your trees for aesthetic or practical reasons, contact Springfield Tree Service.

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Tree Trimming Springfield IL

We carry out all our tree operations following the highest standards for safety and efficiency. We properly plan and execute all our tree trimming services to minimize the risk of structural failure.

Moreover, we do our best to reduce the probability of damaging property or injuring people. All the while, we use the latest tree pruning techniques to prolong the safe life of the tree.When it comes to tree trimming Springfield IL residents only trust the expert arborists from Springfield Tree Services.

When you work with us, we won’t keep you in the dark. After all, we take pride in providing honest and transparent service. As such, we always let our customers know every detail about the work we need to perform. We will indicate the access and egress agreements to let our clients know how the project will be completed.

Various Types of Tree Cutting Springfield, IL Residents Choose

At Springfield Tree Services, we carry out different types of tree trimming services. Here are some of the tree pruning operations we offer:

Formative Trimming

Usually, formative trimming is performed on young trees to promote their safe, healthy, strong, and well-balanced growth.

This process ensures that the trees will not have defects once they become mature.

Here at Springfield Tree Service, we remove the branches that are crossing, competing, or rubbing against the natural growth of the tree.

Often, formative trimming begins in the nursery.

However, pruning can still be performed at a minimum after planting the tree.

Once the tree has grown into a mature plant, we can perform regular formative trimming

Crown Reshaping

If the tree is situated within a confined space, we can reduce the crown and make its appearance more suitable to its surrounding. When we perform crown reduction, we ensure that there’s still a strong framework of small-diameter twigs and branches. We keep the tree capable of producing leaf cover during the following growing season. Moreover, we reduce the crown in proportion to its original shape.

However, our objective is not simply to achieve symmetry for its own sake.When it comes to crown reshaping, we reduce the spread and height of one or more portions of the crown. All the while, we do not necessarily reduce the spread and height of the tree as a whole. We determine the extent of the crown reduction by assessing the tree’s ability to withstand the treatment.


We can also perform crown lifting and remove the lower branches and soft growth.

This process allows us to increase the vertical clearance below the canopy.

We can also make a stepped canopy base, allowing for different clearances.

This option is ideal for trees overhanging both a footpath and a public highway where different height clearances are necessary.


When you need a balanced tree with overall even growth, you need to reduce its density.

You can contact Springfield Tree Services and our arborists will remove secondary live woody branches residing within the crown.

We will ensure that we remove the materials systematically, working throughout the tree instead of solely removing them from the inner crown.

If you wish to reduce the overall loading on a defective stem or branch, we can reshape the crown instead of thinning it out.


We also remove all dying, dead, or diseased branch wood.

If there are any stubs or broken branches left from previous surgery operations, we will get rid of them accordingly.

We will cut the dead wood up to the suitable healthy and live branch junction.

The Best Tree Trimming Springfield, IL  Has to Offer

When it comes to tree cutting Springfield IL residents know that our arborists have the local knowledge and expertise necessary to complete the job efficiently and promptly. We have several years of tree trimming experience under our belt. So, you can trust that will prune your trees according to the highest standards for quality. Once we’re done, you will have a healthy, well-balanced, and aesthetically pleasing tree.

Here at Springfield Tree Services, we always strive hard to give the best value for our customer’s money. So, we only employ the most qualified tree surgeons in the business. Trust that we have adequate knowledge and experience in handling local environmental factors and landscapes. Expect us to finish the job on time without risking potential damage to property or people.

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