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Tree Stump Removal Service, Springfield IL

Choosing this option can be a great choice to improve your home. Aside from being unsightly, neglected tree stumps can be potentially hinder future landscaping projects. Moreover, the stump may form new shoots and spread root diseases like honey fungus. To avoid these problems, you need a reliable Springfield IL stump grinding service.

You must find professional arborists who can perform the task safely and efficiently. When it comes to tree stump removal Springfield IL residents only trust the experts at Springfield Tree Services.Spending a little more for a stump removal service when you get the tree felling service is the cost-effective solution. Keep in mind that stumps are usually heavy and large.

As such, you’d need the appropriate equipment and techniques to remove them successfully. Here at Springfield Tree Services, we use specialist stump grinders with tracks, allowing us to access even rough terrain. We also have a smaller grinder that allows us to remove stumps where access is limited. What’s more, we regularly train our arborists.

So, you can expect them to know the latest stump removal techniques that allow them to work with minimal ground disturbance. Once we’re done with the service, we will leave a completely clear patch of ground on the area where the tree previously resided.

While we work with homeowners and businesses, we also specialize in providing tree stump removal in Springfield IL property developers, professional landscapers, and local governments. It is worth noting that no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Whenever we undertake a project, we ensure that utmost safety and efficiency—regardless of how small or large the project is. In most cases, we try to finish the job within a day.

Why Opt for the Tree Stump Grinding Springfield IL Trust?

Tree stumps that are rotting away can be unsightly on your property. They make a bad impression on your property while taking up valuable space. They can potentially lower the value of your home.

Here are the signs that tell you to hire professional arborists for stump removal in Springfield, IL:


One of the primary reasons why people decide to cut a tree is because it is already riddled with diseases.

Honey fungus, a type of fungi within the genus Armillaria, can infect and kill your trees.

It can start spreading underground. It will attack and kill your perennial plants’ roots.

Eventually, it will cause the dead areas of the wood to rot. Honey fungus is among the most destructive fungal diseases that affect trees.

To resolve the problem, you need to remove the rotting wood completely.


Tree stumps can eventually become trip hazards that may cause accidents and injuries.

They can also be obstacles that may cause expensive damages to your lawnmower.

The roots of the stump can continue to grow beneath the ground, damaging paths, foundations, and driveways.


Even if you cut down a tree, it is no guarantee that it will stop growing.

It is possible for the stump to re-grow. Remember that there are no chemicals in the market that will allow you to kill the tree stump.

The only way for you to get rid of the tree completely is by removing the stump and root plate.


When the wood starts to rot, it easily attracts insects like wasps, hornets, and ants.

Unfortunately, they do not settle in the neglected stump.

Eventually, these insects will find their way into your home!

So, it is crucial that you get professional Springfield stump grinding service.

Choose Springfield Tree Services for Remove Unwanted Tree Stumps

When it comes to stump grinding in Springfield, IL, only arborists with knowledge and experience on local conditions can perform the job promptly and efficiently.

For decades, Springfield Tree Services has completed various tree removal projects for both residential and commercial customers.

We use the latest equipment and stump grinding techniques, allowing us to cater to the needs of our clients. Whether you need to deal with the smallest hedge shoots or you need complete tree removal and stump grinding in Springfield IL, you can trust our expert tree surgeons.

When you want to get the best value for your money, you need to select the most qualified tree removal company.

With plenty of tree cutting and stump removal jobs under our belt, we promise to provide you with services that meet the highest standards for safety and quality.

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