Mill Creek

Mill Creek Estates is a neighborhood of Springfield, Illinois area, on the city’s west side. In 1998, Phase I, which included 212 residences, was finished. In the same year, the developer, Charles Robbins, started developing Phase 2 of the subdivision, auctioning the last lots in 2021. 

Located north of the West Road Park and Stone Creek subdivisions and east of Meadowbrook Road, phase 2 has eight plots and 184 lots. It is south of Mill Creek Estates Phase 1, Sim’s Western Acres neighborhood, and west of West Koke Mill. Off Greenbriar Road, there are two common areas, one of which is a detention pond.

All parcels are subject to restrictive covenants. The Mill Creek Estates, Phase II, Residents Association, Inc. (HOA) was established as a non-profit corporation to manage the common spaces and enforce the covenants for the benefit of all homeowners. Following the sale of the last Lot, the developer turned over the authority of the HOA to the homeowners, who elected the first Board of Directors during the first annual meeting on June 30, 2021.

Here are some of the covenants for residents of Mill Creek:

  • The maximum height of a residence is 2.5 stories.
  • For single-story residences, the ground floor must be at least 1,850 square feet; for multiple-story dwellings, the ground level must be at least 1,250 square feet with a total living space of at least 2,220 square feet.
  •  Garages must be attached and have a capacity of two or three cars.
  • Buildings (excluding overhang and steps) cannot be closer than seven feet to any inner lot line.
  • It would be best to fit sump pumps to drain pipes in the drainage easement in the back lot.
  • Swimming pools must be at the back of the house, at least 10 feet from any lot line; above-ground pools must be secured and not visible from any position.

If you need you are looking for a vacant house or in need of building your own home, be aware that no weeds are allowed in all unoccupied lots, and they must not be allowed to become unattractive. Any vacant lot that becomes unkempt may be mowed and cleaned up at the expense of the owner by the Association.

Consequently, the Lot owner must take all necessary measures to prevent soil erosion and washing. At the Lot owner’s expense, soils, muck, and landscape trash moved from the Lot onto adjoining properties, and cleaning common spaces must be done.

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