Lincoln Home National Historic Site Visitor Center

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site dates back to Abraham Lincoln Era. It preserves fourteen houses. The Site is the home of the two-story house of Abraham Lincoln, the only home he ever owned. Abraham and his wife Mary Lincoln lived here from 1844 until Lincoln’s election to the presidency in 1861.

The neighborhood around Lincoln Home was heterogeneous. It represented many occupations and social and economic levels. Established on August 18, 1971, Lincoln Home National Historic Site sits in a quiet residential area of Springfield, Illinois’ state capital.

Tours of the Lincoln house are free, but they fill up. If in need of wheelchairs, borrow from the central offices. Available are Braille guides and other aids for visitors with special accessibility requirements. Tour this superbly equipped facility to learn about Abraham Lincoln. Also, you are at liberty to visit and collect your ticket for one of the free tours. These tours explore the carefully preserved home.

Explore the two-level wooden house and its pretty green shutters from the outside. The door to the house has a detailed reproduction of the original Lincoln nameplate. The nameplate hangs outside. Once in place, follow your tour guide through a series of rooms that have been restored. Drown yourself in the 19th-century style. Marvel at the interior while surrounded by dark wood furniture, fireplaces, and busy floral wallpapers. Listen to your tour guide narrate the personal story of one of the most famous figures from U.S. history.

Various historical exhibits are located throughout the Lincoln Home’s four-block neighborhood. They can be viewed on a self-guided basis. The exhibitions presented in this collection bring Abraham Lincoln’s legal and political careers to the fore.

Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln bought their house here in Springfield, IL area in 1844. Later, they expanded the modest property to fit their growing family. The Lincolns had four sons throughout their marriage. Only one survived to adulthood. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln held a final farewell party at the beloved family home before renting it out and moving to the White House. Leaving his home marked the beginning of service as the head of the United States of America.

The National Park Service in Springfield seeks to recreate a vivid sense of the relationship of the Lincoln family. The relationship with their neighbors and the broader Springfield community. The initiative by the Park Service is through engaging in neighborhood preservation and interpretive activities. So, this enriches visitors’ experience at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. If you love the history of iconic presidents, tour this epic National Historic Site!

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