Historic West Side

There are several neighborhoods in Springfield, Illinois. Historic West Side is one of these neighborhoods. The Historic West Side Neighborhood Association (HWSNA) was founded at the end of the 1970s. It is in charge of the Historic West Side neighborhood’s affairs.

Since then, it has been a consistent voice of continuity. It advocates for the preservation of the neighborhood’s residential identity. The HWSNA runs a “house history” program. Also, the Historic West Side Neighborhood distributes plaques that acknowledge outstanding houses besides its zoning lobbying.

The Historic West Side Neighborhood Association’s (HWSNA) main duty was to fight a zoning modification. The changes that formatted the neighborhood’s residential character. In 1983, the HWSNA persuaded the city council to “downzone” the entire area to an “R-3”. That is zoning classification. The reason was to prevent residences from converting to commercial uses.

In December 2005, residents voted to annex the former North Washington Park Neighborhood Association’s territory. The Historic West Side Neighborhood Association will now be responsible for that area.

The West Side Neighborhood Association changed to the Historic West Side Neighborhood Association. The change occurred in 2001. It was recognized as a charitable organization, organizes an annual tour of local homes, and spearheads many planting initiatives.

The HWSNA makes area police officers’ contacts and Springfield Police department contacts available. Members of the Historic West Side neighborhood can call for non-emergency issues.

The Historic West Side neighborhood takes the neatness seriously in the area. It has the power to intervene in cases involving abandoned cars, overgrown gardens, rubbish piles, and shattered windows. The Association also deals with vehicles parked on front lawns. Such cases breach the regulations.

Historic West Side Neighborhood Association has made efforts to beautify the area. There was a time it had a limited number of yellow and orange hyacinth bulbs, orange tulip bulbs, and some Easter lilies. The Association was gifted 1000 tulip bulbs to brighten up the neighborhood. It planted tulips on Monroe near the Sacred Heart Motherhouse. Also, at the crossroads of MacArthur and Lawrence. It also made available the flowers to HWSNA members for corner plantings on a first, come-first served basis.

Springfield Green awarded the HWSNA a grant to buy trees for public planting. The tree grant program provided $300 to neighborhood and homeowner’s organizations. The act was to help them replant some of the trees that recent tornadoes and ice storms had damaged.

If you are looking for a neighborhood that values order, try Historic West Side.

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