Henson Robinson Zoo

The amazing Henson Robinson Zoo is home to many fascinating animals. It is one of the fourteen zoos in Springfield, Illinois area. The animals are indigenous to Australia and Africa. Furthermore, they are native to Asia, North and South America, and more than 90 native and foreign animals are kept here among naturalistic exhibits. 

As a private nonprofit zoo owned and operated by the Springfield Park District, the Zoo was constructed between 1968 to 1970. It was built on the eastern shore of Lake Springfield to cater to the people of Central Illinois. 

The Henson Robinson Zoo was a dream come true for one famous Springfield citizen, Henson C. Robinson. The city of Springfield donated a tract of land to the Springfield Park District to fulfill his dream in 1967. The building of the Zoo began in 1968 then opened was officially opened in 1970. Since then, Henson Robinson Zoo has expanded with several new animals and exhibits.

More than 300 animals from Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America call this famous zoo home. Some notable residents of the Henson Robinson Zoo are African Penguins, Eurasian Vulture, African Painted Dogs, and American Black Bears. Furthermore, Spider Monkeys, Cougars, Naked Mole Rats, Langurs, Boa Constrictor, Lemurs, and others.

Henson Robinson Zoo features a petting zoo. Goats and sheep are found here. 

Most areas at the Zoo allow accessibility of wheelchairs. They either have concrete or asphalt surfaces. 

This amazing Zoo engages in scientific research studies and conservation efforts. Consequently, it provides a fun and educational environment for people of all ages. Additionally, special events are held here throughout the year. These provide many hands-on experiences for children and adults alike. 

Groups can visit the petting zoo and gather on the observation deck to witness the Asiatic black bear. Also, through zoo discovery tours, animal observations, crafts, and games, educational programs at Henson Robinson Zoo attempt to teach groups about ecosystems and animals. A zoo trip is an adventure that never disappoints.

The Henson Robinson Zoo offers winter and summer classes. More information on the zoo classes can be found on their website. The park is open from the crack of dawn to 10:30 pm every day.

All visitors of all ages pay an admission fee to the Zoo. Adults pay $7 while children of 2 years and above are $5. Take a tour of this fantastic zoo and experience creatures from all over the world! 

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