Enos Park

Enos Park construction possesses the appeal and character of its era. Tall, old trees cover the Park with large, old trees creating a canopy. The Park’s west, south, and east sides all have sidewalks, and a diagonal pathway runs from the southwest corner to the northeast corner. With facilities located in the middle area is a playground with modern equipment and a picnic pavilion.

Unlike many other communities, Enos Park is a patchwork of expansions dating from 1833 to 1965. With the most considerable portion of platted subdivisions completed by 1909.

The Park is a 36-square-block neighborhood with residential and commercial properties. Enos Park, once known as Springfield’s “Jewel,” represented a diversified population of wealthy and influential leaders, as well as numerous working-class families. Enos Park is still one of the city’s most ethnically and socioeconomically diversified communities.

Consequently, the Park is Springfield’s oldest neighborhood, and because of its closeness to the downtown area, many people in business and officials began to move there in the early days of the city.

Located in the Northcentral section of Springfield, Illinois, this modest (3.5 acre) Park is one of the city’s earliest neighborhood parks, having joined the park system in 1905. Some of the nearby properties are historical and are currently undergoing renovation. Also, Enterprise Street on the south, Seventh Street on the west, and Eighth Street on the east border the Park on three sides. To the north, there is a church and some houses.

In 1904, the land on which Enos Park stands was generously donated to the Pleasure Driveway and Park District of Springfield. The site was to be used for a park, which was to be built and maintained under contract. Failure to use the land as a park would have made the property be returned to the donor. Miss Susan P. Enos donated the land, and the contract stipulates that the Park be known as Enos Park at all times.

Here is a list of what neighbors say:

  • There are sidewalks at Enos Park
  • Kids can safely play outside
  • You need a car while at Enos Park
  • You can bring your dog along 

Its tree-lined alleys are lined with remarkable displays of Victorian, Italianate, and Queen Anne-style homes dating from the early 1800s. Tour and experience history while marveling at the stories these old houses could tell if they could only talk.

Considerable improvements have been made over the last few years, including the total rehabilitation of Enos Park in 2008. The Enos Park community is already well on its way to becoming a great place to live in the twenty-first century, thanks to the efforts of many devoted individuals and board members

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