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At Springfield Tree Service, we understand that time is of the essence, especially when damaged trees pose as risks to property and people.

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24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service, Springfield IL

Aside from providing tree removal services, we also offer a range of tree maintenance services, including tree felling, stump removal, and crown reshaping. What’s more, you can take advantage of our services 24/7. So, when the unprecedented happens, we will be available to deal with the damages promptly.

Windstorms can cause devastating damages to your trees. If your tree has lost branches or if you are not certain of its overall condition, you should call us and use our 24 hour emergency tree service. We can remove fractured or broken boughs or patch up the trunk to make your tree safe again. In instances where these are not possible, our tree arborists can organize a tree felling and removal service. Our 24-hour tree removal service is what you’ll need to ensure the overall health and safety of the trees in your property.

In general, trees are considered to be solid and permanent plants. However, under extreme weather conditions like strong winds and storms, they may come to be at risk. After all, high winds and powerful storms have been known to tear down and annihilate even the sturdiest and healthiest trees. Extreme weather conditions can send these trees plunging onto power lines, the ground, buildings, or your neighbor’s vehicles.

Often, after a storm, you will hear about dislodged branches and storm-damaged trees blocking the roads or damaging properties. Aside from being a source of inconvenience and danger, the damages can also cause costly repairs. It is worth noting that the most difficult decision to make is not specifically how you will remove the trees that are already down. It is more challenging to determine whether you can still save the trees that are still upright.

Partially affected trees may become a potential threat. So, you may need to chop them down to avoid placing property and people in danger a few months or years down the road. On the other hand, you can still preserve some trees by pruning them back. You can call us for 24 hour emergency tree service and we’ll severe the most damaged sections.

Should You Call for 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service?

It takes a fully trained arborist to determine whether a tree removal service is necessary. Generally, there are six types of storm damage that trees cannot endure:


The entire tree has been uprooted.

Unusual stem sagging

The tree’s trunk has cracked above the ground, causing the crown to sag or fall violently despite the bottom section standing normally.

Unstable root system

The root system below the ground has been damaged, causing the tree to swing or pitch considerably.

Detached branches

Several branches of the tree have been detached.

Twisted crown

Because of the storm, the entire crown has twisted extremely, posing a safety risk to property and people.

Lightning strike

The tree has been burned and electrocuted by a lightning strike. Even if it stays up, it may drop unexpectedly in the future due to significant damages.

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24 Hour Emergency

Tree Service Springfield IL Residents Can Rely On

If you find yourself in need of a 24-hour tree removal service in Springfield, IL, our professional arborists will arrive at your location as soon as possible. Our team will assess the damages and give you sound advice on the ideal remedial solution for your case.

If at first, we won’t be able to fully get rid of the tree, we will do our best to restore a practical level of accessibility in the area. We will come back at the earliest chance to achieve a complete and safe clearing of the fallen tree. You can also use our 24 hour emergency tree removal service for tree damages caused by vehicle collisions. Expect us to inspect the surrounding trees to ensure that there is no hidden harm.

Why Hire the Experts


Springfield Tree Service?

Knowing how to remove trees is a lot more complex than knowing how to use a chainsaw on a tree. If you do not have the proper experience, competence, and equipment, you should not attempt to perform a tree surgery. You should not compromise your basic safety just to get rid of a fallen limb. You should contact professional arborists for the 24 hour emergency tree service Springfield residents recommend.

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