Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

If you are looking for rich history, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (ALPLM) and Museum is the place to be. Exhibits about Illinois history and Abraham Lincoln are at this epic museum. On any given day, 100 of these items are on display. More than 1600 documents gone through Abraham Lincoln’s hands are among the collections.

This museum is run by the state and located in Springfield, Illinois, the state capital. It is among the most toured American presidential libraries.

The 200,000 square foot complex is about 50% bigger than all presidential libraries in the US. It houses theatre performances, libraries, galleries, archives, and experiences. 

You’ll find artifacts that were once the property of Abraham and Mary Lincoln in The Treasures Gallery. Relive their presidential life. Witness how they recovered from the death of their son and a long American Civil War. Artifacts and displays depict some of Lincoln’s most crucial moments.

ALPLM is a thriving institution with ever-growing holdings crucial to understanding Illinois’ history and its most famous citizen, Abraham Lincoln.

You can begin the tour in a replica of one of Lincoln’s log cabins where he spent time as a child. Then follow Lincoln’s legal career, marriage to Mary Todd, and the infamous Lincoln-Douglas debates. You can also look at a breakdown of the 1860 presidential campaign that put Abraham Lincoln in office accomplished by a contemporary broadcast analysis. 

Take a tour of a replica of Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln died in 1865. As a result, you can enter a recreation of Springfield’s Old State Capitol’s Representatives Hall and walk past the former 16th president’s closed casket. Here, you’ll be able to pay your respects to Abraham Lincoln. At a difficult period for Americans, the 16th President of the United States gave security and leadership to his people.

There is a plaza at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Visitors can wander the Plaza and then return to meditate. Visitors encounter fictitious members of the Lincoln family, which is against a backdrop of the White House fantastic for photographs. 

This library and museum will enthrall you with fascinating exhibits and performances. These facts highlight the human toll of slavery and conflict. You will feel you are in Lincoln’s footsteps after seeing the museum.

Every other day, you are welcome to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. No visits on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day. Compared to other visitors, children and students pay lower admission fees.

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