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Tree Service in Springfield IL

When you are looking for the trusted tree service Springfield IL, turn to Tree Service Springfield. We offer all aspects of tree work and no job is too big or too small.

Moreover, we have a team of expert tree surgeons who can provide personalized service to suit your needs and budget.

With over three decades of combined experience, we have the work ethic and skills necessary to complete every job to the highest standards.

When it comes to Illinois tree services, we are the go-to company that Springfield residents trust.

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Why Use Tree Service Springfield?

If you have trees around your property, it is your responsibility to maintain them, ensuring that they are in good condition.

If trees are neglected and left in poor condition, they will eventually die and fall. When this happens, they can cause serious injuries to your family or loved ones. So, it is important that trees are inspected annually. You must also remove any dead wood to avoid causing accidents or damages to property.

While trees improve the aesthetic appeal of any estate, they also play an important role in protecting a variety of wildlife. Keep in mind that to keep them safe and suitable for the environment, they need pruning and maintenance. It is essential that you get expert tree services from highly trained professionals.

Providing Affordable Tree Removal in Springfield, IL

Here at Tree Service Springfield, we have the experience and skills necessary to complete the job safely and professionally. When you hire us for tree removal or tree trimming in Springfield, IL, you can expect us to listen carefully to your requirements. We will provide you with free advice along with a comprehensive, detailed, and transparent quotation. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you take advantage of our tree service in Illinois:


As the trusted tree trimmers in Springfield IL, we always make sure that we deliver our services without delay. We understand that in this industry, time is of the essence. So, you can expect us to be capable of handling distress calls swiftly. That being said, you can turn to us for 24-hour emergency tree service. Once we’ve started our work, you can rest assured that there will be no billing disagreements.


The success of a tree removal service does not simply lie on the number of people working on the site. Here at Springfield Tree Service, we enforce due diligence when cutting down trees. We carefully assess the job and plan how we’ll tackle the issue efficiently. Once we’re done, we will leave you fully satisfied with our work.


When it comes to tree removal and tree trimming Illinois residents want to get the best value for their money. So, we only provide a pricing policy that is clear and fair. When you start working with us, we will itemize all the transactions involved in the project. We leave no room for guesswork. Moreover, before we start any work, we will communicate the pricing policy to you.


Here at Springfield Tree Service, we have a team of highly trained and deeply knowledgeable employees. We are ready and equipped to perform any tree-related task, no matter how complex it is. It is worth noting that it takes unparalleled skills and effort to become a tree removal expert. Since we’ve been in the tree removal business for several years, we have the experience necessary to carry out the dangerous task with utmost safety and efficiency.

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Our Unparalleled Tree Trimming Services

We work on both residential tree removal and commercial projects in and around the Springfield, IL area. For decades, we have been one of the leading tree removal specialists in the region. What’s more, we employ fully trained and experienced tree surgeons. So, you can expect the utmost care, safety, and quality at all times. Contact us when you need any of the following services:

certified arborist

When you need professional tree cutting service in Springfield, IL, do not hesitate to give us a call. We have the right equipment and expertise necessary to remove the tree completely along with all the related waste materials.

If you wish, you can also hire us to perform sectional tree dismantling. We can get rid of the branches and the crown gradually to avoid risking damages to property. With over three decades of combined experience in the tree removal industry, we can complete the job to the highest standards.

Call us today and we’ll send our expert arborists to assess the condition of your trees.

emergency tree removal

When damaged or felled trees become potential risks to property and people, it is important for you to find a reliable emergency tree removal service in Illinois. After powerful storms, trees can sustain devastating damages. Take advantage of our 24-hour emergency tree service and let us deal with the felled trees or broken branches that lie on your property or the road.

Our team can attend to your needs promptly, removing broken or fractured boughs. If necessary and possible, we will patch up the trunk to make the tree safe again.

Hire us to take care of the dislodged branches and storm-damaged trees that may block the roads or may cause hazards in your property.

stump grinding

Neglecting the stump after cutting down a tree can cause various problems. They can be unsightly and they may even hinder future landscaping projects. Aside from those, the stump may develop root diseases like honey fungus, killing other plants in your property. You will indeed pay an extra fee for stump removal after a tree felling service.

However, the benefits of getting that additional service are worth every penny. Remember that tree stumps can be large and heavy. So, you’d need professional equipment and proper techniques to be able to remove them efficiently.

Contact Springfield Tree Service today and let us get rid of the stump safely and promptly.

tree trimming

There are various reasons why you would need to hire tree trimmers in Springfield IL. Some opt to prune their trees to improve their aesthetic appeal, ensuring a well-balanced, symmetrical growth.

On the other hand, others use tree trimming services to keep the branches and the crown from blocking the footway or the road. Whatever the purpose may be, you can trust that our expert tree trimmers in Springfield, IL will use the latest pruning techniques to prolong the safe life of the tree.

Whether you need formative trimming, dead-wooding, thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction, or crown reshaping, Springfield Tree Service is your go-to company.



If you want to get the best value for your money, you need to hire the services of a professional arborist.

They should be able to take care of the trees on your property and keep your yard looking good. Here at Springfield Tree Service, we do more than removing your unwanted stumps or prune unsightly branches. We go the extra mile and help our clients maintain the beauty and health of their trees. Enjoy the following when you hire Springfield Tree Service:

We’ll Give Professional Advice on Tree Care

While we do our best to keep your trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing, you must also do your part in maintaining them. As such, we offer professional advice on how to take care of the trees in your property. It may be challenging to learn this, especially when you do not have adequate knowledge about trees. That said, we can send our expert arborists to your place and let them assess the nature of your trees. They will give recommendations on how you can improve their health and appearance. Trust that our team will help you care for your trees properly.

We’ll Help Keep Your Property Safe

While trees play a crucial role in the environment, they can also potentially cause danger to you. Here at Springfield Tree Service, we want to ensure that you remain safe at all times. So, if you suspect that a tall tree near your property may likely fall and cause damages and injuries, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will remove the tree promptly and efficiently.

We’ll Help Keep Your Yard Healthy

It is important to take tree diseases seriously. Give Springfield Tree Service a call and we’ll resolve the problem as soon as possible. We will prevent the disease from spreading to other trees in your yard. What’s more, we can even help you plant new trees to keep your yard looking green and healthy. We will help you select the ideal species of trees for your property and give you advice on how to let them grow beautifully.

Tree removal and stump grinding is not a simple task to undertake. It takes experience, skills, and the right equipment to perform the job efficiently and safely. So, you should only place your trust in the most qualified tree arborists in Springfield, IL. With decades of experience under their belt, Springfield Tree Service can provide you with services that meet the highest standards.

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